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Jordan Cousins offered pro contract

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England u16 captain last season when they won the Victory Shield, and became a regular in the u18s while a schoolboy last season.

Seems to be the best prospect out of the new u18s, so this is very good news.


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    Will go pro on his birthday in March.

    I guess they've already spoke to him about making his first team debut at some point. Be interesting to see if he plays for the first team in pre-season.
    "Being from Greenwich, hopefully making my home debut will be one of the best feelings I can have. That's a big reason why I agreed to sign."

    He continued: "Next season is going to be different; I'm not in school every day and it's a man's game now. I will work hard to finish my exams and work hard during pre-season and get fighting fit. I want to get into the main building and try to push for that first-team place; if not in the starting XI, then in and around the squad.

    "I'll be trying to put what's going to happen on March 6th at the back of my mind for now, though," he added. "There are a lot of things that can happen in 10 months. It's good it's been agreed and it's something to look forward to. What's important is the next 10 months, though, and I hope that when I do sign the professional contract I am in the first-team squad."
  • Great stuff, really good news...welcome to the pro ranks Jordan - hope you go onto be a massive success and to be a future Charlton captain.
  • very good news. Very good player and very versatile too. Will go on to be England captain imo.
  • excellent news
  • Not seen him play but got to be good news that he's signed and so gives us a little protection and time.

    Not sure why we've signed him when we are going into administration any day now unless.......
  • I wonder if he has any PC savvy relatives???
  • [cite]Posted By: Swisdom[/cite]I wonder if he has any PC savvy relatives???

    PC Savvy ..... an intelligent policeman?
  • I bet he does play in at least one pre-season friendly.
  • I hope we don't upset him ....... we wouldn't be the first to cross the Jordan.
  • What will be interesting is where the club see his future best position as. Played right back, centre back and defensive midfield for us and England.

    Right back he's got Solly and Jenkinson ahead of him, centre back Jenkinson again and Mambo, and defensive midfield it looks like Stavrinou will probably still be here.
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  • Reading the OS report, he seems to suggest that he's hoping just to be in and around the squad for this coming season, although optimistic he might get a run out at The Valley at some point soon after his 17th birthday.
  • Best news this year.

    Make sure he's carried to the table to sign!

    Quality player.
  • If he played the first game of the season would he be the youngest player to play for charlton or will that still be held by Jonjo?
  • His grandfather was a fine skater...
  • [cite]Posted By: Swisdom[/cite]I wonder if he has any PC savvy relatives???

    I personally hope that you all will all be able to recruit JC's aunt to start posting just to give the forum balance. Although someone posting as "Jordan Cousins Cousin" would also be most welcome.

    Also, JC would be a fine target for CL sponsorship for whomever is organizing that vital project for the upcoming season.
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    I'm 18, finished 6th form this week. I'm sure a lot of you will say otherwise but this makes me feel old.
  • lol jolly robin,

    Worry when you are older than the manager.

    Collegepark, excellent idea on sponsorship.
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