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RIP Dennis Hopper

Died today of prostrate cancer aged 74.


  • Wow - that's a shame, such an icon!
  • Prostrate cancer..?

    Didn't realise he was that old, great actor...
  • Prostate cancer. Please chaps, there's only one r in prostate. RIP.
  • he was brilliant in blue velvet. rip.
  • [cite]Posted By: RedZed333[/cite]Prostrate cancer..?

    Didn't realise he was that old, great actor...

    He didn't take it laying down.

    Seriously, RIP.
    He made some very average films much, much better.
  • He'd be one of my fave actors if he was never in anything except easy rider. RIP.
  • There goes ezy, ezy ryder
    riding down the highway of desire
    he says the free wind
    takes him higher
    tryin' to find his heaven above
    but he's dyin' to be loved
    dyin' to be loved
    he's gonna be livin'so magic
    today is forever so he claims
    he's talkin' about dyin'
    it's so tragic baby
    but don't you worry
    about it today, we've
    got freedom comin'
    our way
    freedom comin' our way

    Hendix wrote this song about the cult film that Dennis appeared in, which also had Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda, after he went to the pictures and heard his song 'If a 6 turns out to be 9'...
    Sums up how a generation felt, and how they did not belong...... always enjoyed his films, a one off
  • One cool dude if ever there was.

    There was a news item a couple of weeks back about some court case in which he was supposed to testify, and they said then he couldn't do it as didn't have long left.

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