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Biggest crowd you have seen at the Valley

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It`s hard to say really as they always fiddled the official crowd numbers but for me it must have been either the league cup tie with West Ham Utd in 1976-77, crowd given as 32,000 I think or the league game with Tottenham Hotspur about a year later which was given out at 30,000. There were probably nearly 30,000 on the east terrace and open end alone for both of those games. The capacity was meant to have been 66,000 at that time so I would like to know where they could have put another 30,000 in the Valley!!


  • There was a QPR league cup game as well around 1976, when I think the crowd was also 32,000 & slightly above the W Ham attendance, so if you went to all the games since about 1970 I think that was the highest attendance.
  • Yes I remember the QPR game too, a league cup replay although I didn`t go to that. Think they done us 3.0 but they were a top side in those days. We missed our chance in the 1.1 draw in the first game at Loftus Road although I heard from people who went that we played well and had a massive support there that night.

    Also the Portsmouth FA Cup tie around the same time was a huge crowd, given out as 26,000 I think but was much more than that as Pompey had about 10,000 at least.
  • Hello Steve how are you doing? Nice to know you are still about. Bring back the memories eh?
  • I think it was 56,435 versus Blackburn 1958.
    Of course the two Who concerts were even bigger.
  • The Who 1974 and 1976. Couldn't move...
  • Ditto both Who concerts
  • Against Arsenal in the cup 1956......65,000.....Everton in the cup 1959....45,000.....I think that's the last one over 40,000
  • Can't remember exactly when but the terracing was reduced soon after,
    particularly at the open end not long before the Jimmy Seed stand was built or possibly when the floodlights were put in.
  • Definitely the Who in '76!
  • Arsenal mid fifties...scary because I was only 10 at the time so much so that I didnt go again for 7 years.
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  • Think the QPR replay game was the biggest crowd I've been in at The Valley, reported as 32,000 - don't think so, was packed and hardly any QPR to be seen (maybe about 50 that where obvious). That was the year they finished ruuners up to Liverpool - I think. If memory seves me right we lost 0-3 but it was 0-0 with 10 minutes to go.
  • I thought we claimed 36,000 against West Ham in the league cup? If so that was my biggest. 30,000+ against Derby in 68-69 season as well
  • ETP/Sailor. I was at that Arsenal game in 1956 , my dad was worried about the crowd & tried to get me out at half-time but we couldn't move. I was pleased as I was enjoying the game, if the not the scoreline. I was just 9 then. The crowd was officially declared as 71,767.Have still got the prog.

    The gate for that Blackburn game was 56,435.
  • Red God. The fact that we couldnt get out was the most scary bit...I did eventually get to sit on the wall at the top of the old east terrace though. Looking back, and remebering how flimsy barriers used to be it makes me shudder to think of what could have happened if one of them had come loose...the small collapse on the centenary video shows just how little regulation there was in those days regarding health and safety.
  • as said both the Who gigs but as for footie i think it was the WHU league cup game. You could tell it i was abig gate as the gang ways stood out on the huge east terrance i remeber that they didnt that game as people were standing in em. They said crowd was 32,000 my dad had been there when there was 60,000 he said the gate was over 40,000 against WHU.
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