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Best places to bunk in at the Old Valley

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Well, there were so many and everyone had their favourite place to climb over. We used to get in over the wall of the toilets behind the worthington terrace or by climbing the trees and jumping over from the laundry on the top of the east/open end corner.

I know a lot of people here are not old enough to remember this but interesting to hear other people`s accounts of the Old Valley and the things people got up to back then!


  • is this why we lost the valley? loss of revenue from herberts like you? ;-)
  • I didn't live locally so never did 'bunk in'..over the gents toilet wall behind the old scoreboard at the Sam Bartram's entrance always seemed a popular spot with the youngsters.
  • Could be, me along with a few thousand others!!
  • bunked through the toilets a few times,so andy nelson in there once,said he had hes hands full today..........we had chelsea
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    One weekend in the 70's we playing Luton and SuperMac and me and my mate were totally borrasic so we walked from Plumstead to the Valley, snuck round the old waste ground behind where the Jimmy Seed stand is, peeped throught the fence to suss out where the old bill were and when their backs were turned we climbed over and ran to the nearest barrier to nonchalantly act as if we'd been there since the start...

    We'd not been there long when some fat old copper came straight up to the pair of us, grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and dragged us both off to the exit, we tried to protest our innocence but the copper just laughed and pointed to the front of our jackets...

    We were both covered in non-drying paint that the club had started to use to stop fans bunking in...

    Fortunately for me I had some old army combat jacket on but my mate had his brothers brand new Harrington Bomber jacket on...!! The tartan was just one mess of the stickiest shite you could imagine so he turned it back inside out, took it back home, hung it up and never said a word and his brother still dosen't know to this day what happened...

    We drew 2-2 and Supermac scored twice...
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]bunked through the toilets a few times,so andy nelson in there once,said he had hes hands full today..........we had chelsea

    He was probably just bragging about the size of his c*ck!
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