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im on the youtube payroll!!

edited May 2010 in General Charlton
Some people will remember the charlton fans videos i used to post. I have got an email from youtube saying they are going to review a couple of them to make sure there is no copyright issues. If not they are going to put ads round and pay me. Ill put a link to my homepage.
I think the one titled valley floyd road is ok but the charlton vs chelsea you can see a bit of the game so they might not allow that one.

Has anyone had this before does it work or is it just hassle for nothing?

have a goose!


  • Dunno mate...all I've ever got is warnings lol.
  • Ha well played! Do tell us how much ya get when you know
  • Internet money only dude, see the southpark episode where they try to make money on youtube.
  • ive had to submit the vid details to some google thing so they can do something or other?! They check how many views your vids and channels getting. So if you could all send the link above on to everyone you know then i can jack my job in :-)
  • I appreciate it's probably an age thing, but why would you want your own "channel" with such wonderous things as you playing golf on it?

    Sorry, just don't get it.
  • thats how we youngens roll today innit.
  • I've had this. They reviewed my video and said it goes against their copyright rules, however they said I didn't need to take them down. Instead they just put adverts all over the video...
  • Just watched that Zheng Zhi goal again..

    Man the place was packed , the noise was up......

    maybe again one day.. maybe.......
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