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Last week of normal life before World Cup, what exciting things are you doing to fill the time ?

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We are going to see Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson and suppose we will have to go to work


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    I trying to speed up my PC (which has been getting really slow recently) to ensure live streaming possibilities.
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    How do you drink a sink?

    The world cup bug definitely hit this weekend, I cannot wait. Have also got Supergrass' final gig to look forward to on the eve of the WC and booked Friday off to recover/watch the opening game
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    Putting up my World Cup wallchart, placing the England flags on my car, getting my face painted with a St.George's Cross...
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    Trying to work out how to get English commentary that synchronises with the Thai TV pictures.

    And planning my UK trip for later in the month.
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    Getting the final preparations ready for my daughters wedding on yes the 12th June, not only did she pick this day of all days but she chose a venue without a television. For some reason i dont seem to be the most popular person in my family?
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    Making damn sure the Mrs to be does not move in until after 11th July.....its a challenge
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    writing a blog before leaving on sunday to Jo'burg and then out there representing the Addicks abroad! Going to 6 games including the second and third of ENGLANDS group matches! You can also follow my news on twitter @leaburn-the blog will be on the European Football Weekend site writing as Stuart Mair!
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    Getting through the last 2 1/2 days of work before jetting off to our fav Greek isle to watch the first two weeks in George & Georgina's taverna.

    Some ner do wells are getting in on the fun in the 2nd week, lets hope theres some Mythos left for them ;-)
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    Getting loads of jobs done, which won't get done in the next few weeks.

    Worked my nuts off all weekend, and sitting here working/procrastinating Monday morning totally shattered, lol
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    Wedding preparations, 26th June is the big day also the date of England's second round match should we win our group!
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