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elton john

to be honest i haven't got a clue, what sort or style of music elton gets up to these days? in fact i rarely give him a second thought but when i do, he kinda comes over as a comical figure to me? i lost interest around "goodbye yellow brick road" which is a shame because i dug out "madman across the water" his 1971 album, which is damn good, as was his earlier music.

so what the hell went wrong or do other people still take an interest and please don't mention "candle in the wind" i'm kinda sick of it and it's been ruined by overkill/play imho!

and yes i know this kinda makes me old!


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    'Sacrifice' always done it for me.

    I think it's because he always tries to be current he can sing harmonious ballads, high tempo hand clapping feet tapping stuff, great duets and even gave disney a few. he is also a very good live perfomer unlike most of the still going oldies and many of the younger singers for that matter.
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    'I Guess Thats Why They Call It the Blues' and 'Rocket Man' are 2 of my favourite songs and both were probably written before I was born. If he was on tour anywhere local to me I'd be there in a shot. Hugely talented musician in my opinion and football mad. His many extravagances always make me chuckle.
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    Went downhill big time shortly after announcing to the world he was gay funny enough.
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    Played at the Valley a few years ago-
    I stayed home with the windows shut!

    Having said that, I do like some of his stuff including Philadelphia Freedom, Are You Ready For Love? and Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting.

    Nikita was played at a mates funeral- only 18 years old. Over 20 years later I still can't bare to hear it.
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    [cite]Posted By: Marco[/cite]Played at the Valley a few years ago-
    I stayed home with the windows shut!

    I actually went to that hesitantly. However, it was really quite good he really got the crowd going.
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    Tiny dancer is an absoulte classic and of my all time favs.
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