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Scum, Utter Scum

6 Year Old Stabbed

28 year old man and 44 year old woman being questioned about the attempted murder of the girl. How brave they must feel. Not as brave as I suspect they will need to be if they are charged and found guilty.


  • why sunk?
  • [cite]Posted By: Mortimerician[/cite]why sunk?

    Good question so I'll ask as well.

    Why has this been sunk?
  • Firstly, as suggested in another thread, it is absolutely nothing to do with who starts threads.

    Over the last four years, I personally have done everything i can to the best of my ability to keep this a primarily Charlton / football focussed forum. However due to the amount of non-football threads that get started on here, its clear i'm in the minority in wanting to achieve that. I don't read the vast majority of non-football related stuff nowadays, but i have to accept that that is what appears to be what people want.

    What i personally don't like though is when it starts to become used primarily as a platform for people to rant about things people don't like, celebrities people don't like, political / religious arguments, or to highlight as discussion pieces the nasty, shocking, and horrible stories that occur in everyday life.

    Those things can either be read on news sites, or debated elsewhere. In my opinion they unintentionally give a negative backdrop to the forum and overly help it move away from its core focus.

    I'm finding it really hard work to maintain the forum of late to the standards and vibe it has had in the past. Whether that is down to new posters, familiarity as it isn't 'new' anymore, whether people are fed up of me droning on or trying to keep it on what i believe is an even keel, i really don't know. But i feel like i'm fighting a bit of a losing battle of late and problem getting a bit alienated from what the majority of the most frequent posters want the site to be, and its a little demoralising.

    I'm sorry if the person who started this thread is aggrieved it has been sunk but i can assure you it is nothing personal. Ever since this thread started, stories about nasty things that happen in everyday life, such as Madeline mcCann, Baby P etc have always been sunk. It doesn't mean the debate can't continue (it hasn't been deleted), it just means it won't dominate the top of the forum.

    Probably not what you class as an acceptable explaination, but hopefully you can see where i are coming from. I also appreciate there will be hudreds of examples of double standards in what i have posted, but i can assure you that is not down to individual bias but because i fit maintaining this forum somehow around a full time job.
  • [cite]Posted By: southamptonaddick[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Mortimerician[/cite]why sunk?

    Good question so I'll ask as well.

    Why has this been sunk?
    I think the correct question is - Why started?
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