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England vs USA Predictions

Saturday, June 12 - England vs USA - World Cup 2010 in South Africa

any thoughts on the match? predictions?

England 2 - USA 2 is my prediction.
ENG: Rooney 17', Lampard 86'- USA: Donovan 40', Donovan 66'

This result would fare better for the English compared to the 1950 result when USA shocked the world with a 1-0 win over tourney favorites England. Dont be surprised with a draw on the opening match. Anything can happen when 2 quality sides meet on the greatest stage of football on the first group game of the tournament!


  • 2-0 job done.
  • England 2 - USA 1
    Gerrard and Crouch.
    Crouch coming off the bench to make it all 3 points to us but USA get a goal back through Demsey and make it 2-1.
  • England 0 - 1 USA

    But the English newspapers will incorrectly report the score as 10-1 to England.
  • 2-1 to England and loads of OTT headlines the next day...
  • England 0 - 4 USA
    Holden, Altidore, Donovan, and Dempsey

    English papers trumpet that Yanks were motivated by BP's assault on America and that they did it for aggrieved brown pelicans and Kemp Ridley turtles throughout the world.
  • England 3-1 USA

    England storm into a 2-0 lead before the break with goals through Lampard & Rooney. USA pile on the pressure for the opening 15 minutes of the second half pulling a goal back through Altidore. Joe Cole secures 3 points for England with a 70th minute strike.
  • England 2-0 USA

    Lampard and Defoe from the bench.

    England flatter to deceive but the papers go OTT as per.
  • England win, followed by trouble in Croydon.
  • England 2 - 1 USA

    Gerrard, OG
  • 1 all

    rooney and dempsey
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  • 2-1 - Donovan to score first, Rooney and Crouch in the second half
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]1 all

    rooney and dempsey

    What that man said.

    Followed, of course, by a prolonged wailing and shrieking from the same tabloid tossers who have over-inflated expectations in the first place.

    The Yanks are a very, very decent side - they could easily make it to the 1/4's or beyond.
  • 1-1. Also.
    Typical opener neither side wanting to lose.
    90 minutes of pure boredom, watching us punt it long for the non-existent striker to to head on to an imaginary team mate.
  • A Pedestrian 1-0 England win.
  • England 3 zip - Crouch x2 and King
  • England 2 - 0 USA
    Crouch and Rooney
  • 3-1 England win

    Team i think will start:
    Johnson, Terry, King, Cole
    Lennon, Gerrard, Lampard, J Cole
    Crouch, Rooney

    hopeful of goalie & crouchy, if they dont will be green & Heskey....sigh
  • Wheres the poll :o(
  • [cite]Posted By: johnnybev1987[/cite]Wheres the poll :o(

    In South Africa doing some media work, i would presume.
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  • 1-1
  • 0-0, or as the yank commentators will say, zip all
  • 3-1 England - King, Rooney and Lampard for us.
  • Unconvincing 2-1 to england that leaves more questions than answers. Goals from Lampard, Heskey! and DeMerit.
  • 1-1

    I expect and I'd be happy with a draw as I think that this is our toughest match in the group.

    If we lose I wouldn't be surprised and don't think that anyone should get too disheartened.

    Having said that I think that we are just a little more likely to win than lose.

    I agree with Gary Lineker that England should play with just Rooney up front with Gerrard just behind in a five man midfield. Perhaps not in the group games but certainly against tougher teams later on if we get there.
  • 1 - 1, bore draw
  • 1-0 USA
  • standard 2-0 win, Rooney and then Crouch on as a sub
  • The Americans will turn up late and claim victory.
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