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Scams and Rogue Traders

Noticed that the BBC are pushing the stories about Scammers and Rogue traders and how they prey on Old and vunerable people. Interesting as I am doing a story about a company who have been 'defrauding' and that is what it is THEFT, from older residents in Bexley. All apparently legal!...... according to there solicitors.
I got to hear about it from my Father in law (88) who sent money to a recognised charity, and then convinced he had won 'something' sent more money and used a premium rate line to register an 'interest'. I contacted the Local trading standards office in Ross on wye, and they surprise surprise knew all about it!. Powerless to act, I contacted the bbc. As well as feeling foolish my father in law, who suffers from early dementia, feels as if his has been robbed!. We now have to open all his post, and filter the letters for him1. Registered with the post office and marketing companies to be taken off the list, but why is that this country acts like a corrupt third world nation and suspend dodgy PO boxs!. Why do the police take this type of crime so casually!. Why do the local councils not instute a register of local service/ builders/ tradespeople that the community can check. If they have complaints suspend there membership!. There are many good, honest tradespeople trying to earn a living, and there are some evil bastards that seem to enjoy conning vunerable, old people. People that are often on modest incomes, and vunerable. We need to get the goverment to act now, and end this 'massive' fraud. I am not talking about poor workmanship, but criminal activity! to fleece people often for no work or services. The police and local authority need to embrace this type of 'business' with the post office and Internet providers, and take down these fraudsters!. It is not alway's some 'Nigerian' abroad doing this, but others a lot closer to home.


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    A terrible thing to happen to your father in law Ken.

    Sadly violent or fraudulent crime against the individual person has long (if not always) been treated with less importance than crime against companies or property.

    I hope he gets over it and realises that it is not his fault. The scum whom perpetrate these cons can be very convincing.
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    Thats is sad Ken. I saw this on the News this morning and it was quiet shocking. The amount of people who get had out there its really unfair.
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