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MP3 help needed

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I used to have one of them Sony "pebble" MP3 things. Had it for years and served me well but lost it a few months back.

Am looking to get a new MP3 but I'd heard before that the Sony "Sonic Stage" software that all my sh8t is stored on isn't exactly compatible with anything else!

Anyone know how easy it would be to transfer all of my old stuff onto a new MP3 - or got any recommendations as to what would work the best for this purpose?



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    as long as your music is stored as mp3 on you computer you will be able to import it into any new music software, like itunes and windows media player.
    all you need to do is find where your music is stored on your computer.
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    AFAIK mp3 can be put into almost any 'player', so aslong as the sony software hasnt changed the file format and the orignal files on your PC are MP3's then I can't see you having any problems.
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    Yes, but Sony uses their property ATRAC encoding and i think that's probably going to be offy's issue. I haven't had a look at any of these links, but if you want to move away from Sony, you'll need to convert your ATRAC library into something your next player will be able to play.
    ATRAC converters
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    Excellent stuff Lookie old son. Not only did you manage to decypher the witterings of a berk - I.e. Me - but one of those links you posted up has (I think) sorted me right out.

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