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quick movie question

Watched the blues brothers for the 1000th time on itv the other night one of my fav all time films. Another one of my top 5 films is High Fiedilty with john cussack and jack black. Here's the question. In the blues brothers they go to Rays music exchange where ray charles tears the place up with shake your funky tail feather, now I swear its the same building used as championship vinyl in high fiedilty. Does anyone know if this is right or where to find, its been bugging me since I watched it. Stupid I know but you know what's it like when u have somthing stupid bugging you.

Got my cheese whizz boy...

Cheers all.

Adam 'elwood' addick


  • different places although both were in chicago.

    high fidelity shop: 1500 North Milwaukee Avenue

    blues brothers: 300 E. 47th
  • 2 of my favourite films as well. Bothe set in Chicago but Ray's music exchange seems a lot bigger than Championship Vinyl. Are you referring to the external or internal? Also doesn't the Championship one have an overhead train track next to it?

    In answer to your question I don't know but good question nevertheless
  • Blimey could have sworn they were the same there's a scene in hi fed where rob is outside and there the same railway bridge behind him and the inside of the store has the same door and staff area, maybe it was a little tribute from the set designer.
  • no

    and the interior shots of Rays music exchange and championship vinyl's were done on studio sets.
  • same sort of topic, did you see that tv shows and films have been using the same newspaper prop for 50 years!
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