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£149 return to Birmingham ...

edited June 2010 in Match Day Travel
... and having stood all the way up here it now looks like I'm standing all the way back again.

Daylight robbery - thanks Virgin Trains!

Feels a bit like a Charlton away game, without the mates, the Stella, the depressing 90 minutes of shite football in between and the fact that I'm in a suit. Other than that JUST like an away game.


  • Unbelievable!

    And they wonder why people don't want to use public transport. Daylight robbery for conditions sheep and cattle wouldn't be allowed to travel in.

  • and to think i got 2 1st class singles for £25 each
  • Did a round trip a few weeks back first class for £49.

    Trick is to book early!
  • At least it's a lovely town to visit
  • and an even better one to leave.
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