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Can anyone recommend me a good, reliable, virus-free VPN?




  • I use one called ukivpn for a small monthly fee.
  • What is it...?
  • cheers LoOkOuT

    Do you live abroad too?
  • [cite]Posted By: PhoenixSiv[/cite]Can anyone recommend me a good, reliable, virus-free VPN?


    I'm guessing you're not talking about putting in a 'real' VPN (over an IPSec tunnel for instance)?

    If you're just looking to access something at work whilst you're abroad, (for instance) you'd be best looking at one of the free clients that work through a web browser. My personal favourite is LogMeIn - completely free for basic use and, since it works over https with a 2048-bit encryption key, safer than pretty much any 'real' VPN, and will work from pretty much any web browser.
  • good man Leroy

    thought you'd chime in on this one

    I live in China and want to

    a) get around govt. web restrictions here


    b) access some online content that is only available to UK IP addresses

    Would LogMeIn help me with those?
  • Tricky. Depends whether you have access to a machine outside China to use as a client. If you can, its easy. If not, then what you want is a proxy server - though I suspect most of the known proxies are blocked by China. You would also do well to realise that the Chinese take their censorship extremely seriously...
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