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GP's in the SE2 area

Can anyone recomend a decent one?
Been with ours 14 years and one old doc and all the new ones are so rude its unreal makes you want to stay at home rather than go see the doc to sort the problem out.

Letter of complaint going to the pratice manager at our current one for what its worth


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    You have several....Godstow Rd, Lakeside, Gallions Reach, Basildon Rd, Tewson Rd, Bannockburn Rd.
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    Cheers Kev i know what ones we have around here, just wanted some good ones recomended
    Rather go to one that people have good things to say about it rather than just picking one at random.
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    I'd go for eithe Godstow Rd, Tewson Rd or Gallions reach. We don't get many shit calls from there by the Doctors, and when we do, them seem to have the situation under control
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    Godstow is the one we want to move from gone downhill big time in the last few years.
    Wont go into it much on here but basic's missed ended in my daughter in hospital for 4 days, and the rudeness by 2 to my wife is unreal, to the point she comes out of there in tears and would rather suffer than see the GP
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    I moved away, but have kept my doctors in Tewson Road, my dr is Dr Sabat, he is very good and good with kids.
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