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Need a new phone - advice?

Alright all....

Youse are normally pretty handy when it comes to advice on these kind of things.

I live abroad and was gonna come back for the play-off final at Wembley had we made it.
We didn't and I promised myself then I would treat myself to a proper good phone with the money I would have used.

Haven't got around to it yet. Making do with the knock-off iphone you can get out here in China. Now wanna act.

Looking for a phone that can be used to:

- surf the net
- take a reasonable picture
- watch films/files (mp4)
- listen to music (mp3)
- make a decent phone call :)

It would be better if I can change the battery/have some way of charging from AA betteries or something to extend the amount of time i can use it without charging too.

Not sure if multi-tasking would be important to me.
Not sure if i really need video-call capacity.


I know all about the iphone...and was amazed how many people in the UK have them when I came back in April. I like the idea of them...but I know enough to know that the world of phones does not begin and end with iphones and that i should perhaps consider other options.

Especially as I hear iphones need 'jailbreaking' to make them be able to use non-itunes sourced music (right?)


What are the main contenders for my money?


  • Htc Desire.
  • HTC Desire. That is all.
  • HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S
  • nice one Sam, Leroy and Screamer

    keep it coming eh!

    am all over google on these numbers right now.....

    good way to kill time til the games :)
  • HTC Desire/iPhone 4
  • HTC desire looks good and faster than the iPhone, if you are concerned about resale value then the iPhone will hold it's price better, however battery life isn't great and you're tied down to Apples formats.

    iPhone 4 is supposed to have reception issues (especially for left handed people due to the way they would hold the phone).
  • another +1 for the HTC Desire. Awesome phone.
  • no contender from Nokia?
  • Sony ericsson xperia 10 is better than the htc desire. My girlfriend has the desire and wishes she got the x10
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: C.Walsh'sLoveChild[/cite]Sony ericsson xperia 10 is better than the htc desire. My girlfriend has the desire and wishes she got the x10[/quote]

    The reviews from the 2 most popular Tech/Gadget review sites dont agree with you...and neither do I quite frankly ;-)

    HTC Desire...,39030107,49305369,00.htm

    SE X10,39030107,49305455,00.htm
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  • what do you suggest JohnBoy?
  • HTC Desire and the Iphone 4 are the most complete phones you can get.
  • Phoenix did you check out the Samsung Galaxy S?

    Many reviews suggest it could even beat the Desire. Only downside is the build quality isn't as good but it's very powerful.

    Basically, if you get a Desire or Galaxy S you've chosen well.
  • [cite]Posted By: C.Walsh'sLoveChild[/cite] My girlfriend has the desire .......

    Well if you don't satisfy her, somebody else will ........ don't leave it too long!

  • Im not a phone expert, which is why i dont understand why all these super phones (iphone, desire etc) dont have a higher quality camera. I see other, not as complete phones, have up to a 12mp camera which is far better than cameras on these phones and i dont understand why?
    If ive asked a stupid question just say so.
  • Phoenix, I would recommend the Desire to you.
    You cant go far wrong with Android as an operating system. There isnt much difference with the Apple operating system. Its behind Apple at the mo in terms of available applications but the market has shown it is quickly catching up and gaining a slice of the market. At the end of the day, there's not much difference between the two.

    Just do yourself a favour and avoid Windows Mobile like the plague... I went there, tried it, never ever again.

    Folev, they throttle the technology and scrap feed the consumers to make more money out of them. You think, the Desire and new iPhone has a 5mp camera. For the next version, they'll bring it out with a 6-8mp, then a 8-10mp, over a 2 year period. If they gave you a 12mp camera now...they'd not make as much money, would they?

    Its the same with TVs. Its the same with PCs. Seriously, some of the stuff in development in the Electronic Engineering department at the Uni where I work is mind boggling. We had CRT, we had LCD then LED, but soon we'll have even thinner TVs. It is seriously scary.
  • iPhone 4, managed to get one last week, simply amazing device, feels expensive in your hand, the display and camera are exceptional, the OS is robust and easy to use, the new battery is fantastic for a smartphone, getting 36 hours between charges with a decent bit of useage. I haven't had any of the grip of death issues that have been reported.

    My only issue with the HTC phones, is that HTC skin the phone, so dump there own software over android, what that means for the user, is that you might not get software updates, you might not be able to buy apps for the software version your on phone, and HTC build quality can be a tad suspect.
  • nokia x6 is pretty good. The sat nav is as good as tom tom. And it does most stuff the ifone does. Battery lasts quite well.
  • Nokia batteries always seem to have good usage life between charging.

    My present Sony Erikson needs charging almost every day.
  • Wait for the Nokia N8, blows the rest out of the water! Will only be 6-8 weeks away. The screen on the iPhone 4 is way way over hyped, why they didn't go for AMOLED, I have no idea? Expandable memory, output HD to TV, free turn for turn GPS. Basically, whatever the iPhone 4 does but better but with less apps, although you can still get Angry Birds from the Ovi Store :) If not, HTC Desire.

    Folev - A camera is not just about the number of mp, it's down to sensor size amongst others. Hence N8 will be top of the range phone camera.

    If you do go for an iPhone then you must jailbreak - It's amazing the things you can do with them when it's unlocked.
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  • [cite]Posted By: cafcpolo[/cite]...Folev - A camera is not just about the number of mp, it's down to sensor size amongst others. Hence N8 will be top of the range phone camera.

    In fact, over a certain size adding more pixels actually makes your pictures worse not better. This is because the main thing you will do with those extra pixels is highlight any imperfections in your glass. Adding more and more mp is a cynical con by manufacturers who know that it will mot improve picture quality but who also know that most people have in their head an over-simplistic view that more is better. Unless you've got absolutely top notch lenses, once you get beyond the 6-8mp range you're pushing at the limits of what is going to make a practical improvement. Of course mobile phones aren't going to have a lens that's that good and unless there is a step-change in glass technology, they never will. Even if you've got a Nokia with a Carl Ziess lens there's one fundamental problem - mobile phone lenses are just too small to have the necessary quality. Ultimately if you really want a decent quality camera, you have to buy a dedicated camera not a phone.
  • +1 to what stig says about the lenses above.

    Have to say though, I know there are a couple of phones out there now that do 720HD video capture but going back about 3 or 4 years to my old Nokia N95, the video quallity from the Carl Zeiss lens and small sensor beats what I've had on my last 3 HTC phones...
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