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I had a feeling it might be demolished


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    I'm sure I've seen that article before.
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    Some good times in there on a sunday
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    There's a surprise, an old closed down pub burns down and then flats / houses get built in it's place.
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    edited June 2010
    [cite]Posted By: guinnessaddick[/cite]then flats / houses get built in it's place.

    or in this case hotel and pub/restaurant
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    Yes, about time too.

    Used to go there regularly on a Sunday night in the late 60's - either there or The Black Prince.

    Actually met Mr F there so lots of memories for me....
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    Had many a good night there back in the day - especially when the side room door was unlocked and we found the pumps were still working though !!!!
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    i work in swanley and i think its a Very good idea to make it a premier inn and Beefeater! Good place to go whilst i am on lunch instead of ASDA's everyday!
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