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World Cup XI

So now that it's almot over, what would be your team of the tournament?

Mine would be:


Maicon Mertesacker Puyol van Bronckhorst


Ozil Sneijder

Higuian Forlan Villa


  • Wot no Iniesta and Xabi?
  • Based on this tournement. If it was a world XI I'd have them both in there.
  • (GK) Onyewu

    (RB) Ramos - (CB) Puyol - (CB) Juan - (LB) Coentrao

    (DM) Annan

    (MF) Iniesta - (MF) Sneijder - (MF) Schweinsteiger

    (STR) Villa - (STR) Forlan


    (GK) Kawashima
    (DEF) Lucio
    (DEF) Capdevila
    (MF) Ozil
    (STR) Suarez
  • Very hard this as there are many positions where there has not been a stand out performer, especially in goal where no one has been consistently good- The German guy has looked very shaky at times on crosses and handling.

    Would go for:

    Lahm, Puyol, Mertesacker, Van Bronckhorst

    Iniesta, Muller, Ozil, Sneider


  • German keeper forget his name althoug been in my fantasy team

    Lahm, Puyol, Pique, LB unsure tbh

    Schweinsteiger- Player of the tourney for me
    Sneider, Ozil, Mueller
    Huiguin, Forlan, Villa

  • Based purely on the tournament I'd have Xavi ahead of Iniesta, but I'd probs swap them around if it was

    Eduardo (Por)
    Ramos (Spa) Puyol (Spa) Mertesacker (Ger) Salcedo (Mex)
    Snijder (NL) Schwinestiger (Ger) Xavi (Spa)
    Villa (Spa) Asamoah, G (Gha) Forlan (Uru)

    Subs: Kingson (Gha) Friedrik (Ger) van Bronkhorst (NL) Honda (Jap) Ozil (Ger) Suarez (Uru)

    Interestingly sometime during the first round The Currant Bun's readers pooled their collective wisdom and it turned out that no fewer than 6 of the first 11 would be English and only two playing outside of the Premiership. Most of our teams have no English or Premiership superstars. Collective delusion or just stupidity?
  • Shame nobody seems to be into the world cup anymore. If this thread had been done on the a couple of weeks ago it'd have been 5 pages long (and full of England players).
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