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Lost island crazy golf

Anyone been to the above? Going tomorow with the kids!


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    Is this the one on the A20?.

    If so, word of warning. Everytime I have been past at the weekend it has been absolutely packed. Queues for all the holes.....with the weather forecast for tomorrow will probably be the same.
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    Yeah been a couple of times, can get busy but is good fun. Kids will enjoy it.
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    Is this the one Hurley made to cheer everyone up!?

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    You may be better off going on a week day. Ive been a couple of times at weekends and it simply gets too packed. Even getting a parking space can be a chore. Plus at £7 for adults and £5 for kids its certainly not the cheapest crazy golf course in the world either.
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    went there a couple of weeks ago.. very enjoyable. I went on a sunday and we spent about an hour there !!
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