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Despite me thinking that all this recycling ends up in a landfill in China I go to the trouble each week of having the three bins , one for food , one for dry recyclables and one for other stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I got home on bin day to find a red tag on the food waste saying it hadn't been emptied as it had the wrong type of waste in (it hadn't)

Then last week I get back to find the same again , this time I had a look inside and apart from the food wate there was a tissue which was probably put in there by someone passing. The Missus rang up Greenwich council and the fella apologised and promised someone would empty it by the end of the day . This wasn't done and today I've come home to find the same all over again. Not a problem now as I've emptied it all over the grass verge outside to be picked up with the black bags later on

From now on I will be putting everything in black bags


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    Compost it, then you can get etraordinarily good veg of your own in future rather than the tasteless crap in supermarkets, not the tissues that 'someone else' put in, obviously as probably full of bleach. Must find the grow your own thread. As for cuttings, plastic, asbestos etc. Burn them all as they don't like them in landfill, just make sure the windows to your babys room are shut and the wind takes it off to france, that's what I do, so pc me.
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    can't do any of that I'm afraid , no garden.

    Thing is along the series of roads I live in there must be at least 50% of the bins with these tags on. It aint the binmen doing it , some jumped up little hitler does it in the morning
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    I have had the same row with them I think they take it in turns which bins to leave, both times with me nothing wrong with my waste, although they did return and empty them late in the evening. Maybe done to let you know someone checks inside the bins?
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    Sounds like a good use of your council tax money. Just remember that when they start bleating about govt cuts meaning reductions in critical frontline services. The bin snoopers, or environmental management resource utilisation executives as they are probably known should be the first to go.
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