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Shared Experiences

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with strangers.

Something important or significant in your life which you shared with a stranger whom you never saw or heard from before or since.

Many years ago I did the London Marathon and this bloke and I started chatting and ran 20 plus miles together which essentially got each of us round. All I know is that is name was Dave Poulton (?spelling) and he came from Birmingham.


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    I can't remember her name but.............
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    Hugging some big fat bloke and kissing his bald head when Reidy scored in the last minute against Southend last February.
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    Euro 96 final. Sat with a young bloke from Essen called Markus. Got on like a house on fire for 90+ minutes, shook hands and congratulated him and then left as soon as the trophy was presented to avoid the crowd...
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