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Sutton verses Fulham

Just seen a bbc report on a proposed friendly beetween Fulham and Sutton, part of a deal a couple of years ago.
Fulham because of the management change cannot confirm the game and Sutton seem to be missing out.

A sad state of affairs, loose change for Fayed, and lifeblood for Sutton, come on Fulham you are better than that!


  • Big game for Sutton as they could get a crowd of around 3,000,also something the home fans have been looking forward to.

    Don't think it will just go away, Sutton at worst will get compensation as it's part of a signed agreement.

    Not much time to get a fixture like this put on at short notice,very poor from fulhams point of view bearing in mind they will be playing other pre arranged friendlys with or without a manager.
  • Gott this on the SUFC website...... Not Fulhams finest hour

    Sutton United v Fulham - club statement
    12th July 2010
    Supporters will be aware that our pre-season schedule this summer should have featured a home game against the Fulham first team as part of the deal that took Stefan Payne to Craven Cottage last season, with the contract between the clubs stipulating that there would be a friendly before this season and also at the start of next season. Unfortunately despite lengthy discussions between the clubs Fulham have not been able to provide a date on which the fixture can take place, and therefore it is most unlikely that the game will be played this season. We have emphasised to Fulham our disappointment that they have felt themselves unable to fulfil a contracted commitment to a fixture that would have been, in light of their Europa Cup run last season and the high profile and following they have in this area, a most attractive game. In addition, we have made them fully aware of the financial implications to us of their failure to agree to the game, and have as a result requested a suitable level of compensation, although as yet we have had no response. We sympathise with the disappointment that our supporters will feel over this situation, and will let you know should circumstances change. There is also likely to be coverage of this item on tonight's NonLeague Show on BBC Radio London from 9.00 until 10.00
  • poor form from Fulham there
  • I blame Murphy.
  • Sutton may well get compensation for this, but it hardly makes it up to the fans of Sutton who were looking forward to these friendlies.
  • Classy Fulham, very classy. 15 years ago a fixture with Sutton could well have been a league game for Fulham the way they were going. How soon they forget.
  • They should sue for the likely financial loss, fairly simple I would have thought
  • If they've not got a written agreement they'll get heehaw.

    I seem to recall we allowed PdC to return to his beloved and skint Lazio, because we were so rich and generous, without a fee; but apparently we would get a friendly and all the gate. I imagine when it happens we'll field a bunch of loanees from Valencia and Inter.
  • [cite]Posted By: Mortimerician[/cite]If they've not got a written agreement they'll get heehaw.
    [cite]Posted By: ken from bexley[/cite]with the contract between the clubs stipulating that there would be a friendly before this season and also at the start of next season.
  • One of our ex players plays for Sutton Utd. Well he did last year. Mate of mine actually, Danny Phillips.

    Lord knows why he was released!
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  • Really bad form on Fulham's part but I guess they are a bit uop in the air at present.

    Unfortunately - clubs like Sutton really need the money the 3k crowd would generate as it goes a long way to keeping them going. Same sort of thing for Welling - they make pretty good money out of the friendlies and this all helps them.

    As long as Fulham cough up then Sutton should be OK
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