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Thats Entertainment

Thats entertainment in the words of Paul Weller,for me not.I am not referring to the song but a friendly football match that took place yesterday between FC Horst and Ajax.Now the children next door had the Ajax shirts on, playing in the street looking forward to seeing this match, never having been to The Amsterdam Arena the children that is,were going to see the great Ajax play about 10 miles down the road.What happens a score line of 1-wait for it 21 yes twentryone what a game that must have been.Think Not.In the land that is a flat orange at the moment this result would have done nothing for me had Charlton played in that match.Ajax kids on the other hand think the Land Title is already won.Fc Horst v Ajax is about the same as Oxford Road v Charlton Athletic .Anythoughts on the matter.
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Roland Out!