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Anyone seen DIG? Or the favorite music documentary thread

Story of the early careers of The Brianjonestown Massacre and The Dandy Wahols. Just watched it for about the 4th time! Brilliant. Pure rock n roll crazyness.

Any others to look out for?


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    Should add - worth watching just for the footage of BJM at The Viper Rooms in LA.
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    skyarts 1 are showing the lost history of popular music All You Need is Love.

    Very dated but great footage of old Blues acts.
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    Anvil - The Story of Anvil Don't be put off if you don't like heavy metal. I am not a fan but this did make me chuckle.

    Dr Feelgood - Oil City Confidential. Pure class start to finish with additional walking tour...

    Enjoyed them both for different reasons.
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    Anvil's great.

    Been meaning to see Dig for ages.
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    Dig was good, bit much towards the end. Enjoyed Anvil, felt a bit sorry for them, not for the fact they tried hard and never really made it but just they seemed a little pathetic. Scratch is very good, all about hip hop DJ's.
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    The extras disc that comes with dig is just as mental. The fact that Joel when straight is very normal yet Anton is always nuts.

    Mate that knows him reckons he is as you would imagine
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    I loved DIG, great film! I've been to see the BJM a few times and they're always entertaining.

    You should check out some of their new stuff. Some of it is really excellent.
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    Used to have Anton as a Facebook friend and a ver strange late night debate re: the merits of Robert Pollard (guided by voices) and Mark E Smith.

    Have seen BJM a couple of times - Koko in Camden was a particular hi-light.

    Am not a huge fan of the newer more experimental stuff. Although, their version of "Lets Go F**king Mental" - yes the terrace chant is pretty cool.

    Give it Back and Their Satanic Majesties 2nd Request are right up there in my top 20 albums. Also love the quote about Thank God For Mental Illness costing $17.00 to record.
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    [cite]Posted By: RalphMilnesgut[/cite]Anvil - The Story of Anvil Don't be put off if you don't like heavy metal. I am not a fan but this did make me chuckle.

    Watched the Anvil dvd today, and thought it was superb. Highly recommend.
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    Another I saw recently was Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a couple of Canadians follow Iraq's only heavy metal band, very insightful into the lives of Iraqis who just want to lead a normal life during the war and have some fun. You can watch it on youtube.
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