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Dislocated shoulder

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Just done mine again last week (2nd time in a year). Thinking about having the op. Has anyone else had it? How long is the recovery period? As i'm in construction work i can't afford to have a lengthy lay-off. cheers.


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    You should ask Fraser Richardson - reported to be having the op and out for three months.

    All the best, anyway.
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    If you've done it twice in year, you need to face the fact that, without the op, it will be a liability for the rest of your life.

    Lengthy lay-off is one thing ... but being incapacitated maybe permanently is the likely alternative.

    Do you have medical insurance through work?

    That will be 20 guineas.
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    Ive dislocated my shoulder over 100 times and had 3 ops to try and stop it touch wood the last one being 8 years ago which seems to have worked.
    Its painful for the first 12 - 24 hours after the op, but after that its fine, the downside is you have to wear a complex sling and are not to use your arm for 6 weeks you have a scar from your armpit upto the top of your shoulder and you loose some overall movement. Once youve dislocated it once it will keep on happening after mine got so bad i sneezed and it came out.

    I would deff recomend an op.
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    Derek Ufton knows about dislocated shoulders...
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