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T-Mobile - Contract Advice

So here what happened. Back in Apr 08 i took a years contract out with T-mobile. The year came & went & my contract was up. I decided to get the iphone which meant i had to switch over to o2. I went into the T-mobile shop to cancel my contract & they said i have to ring up to cancel as i couldnt cancel it in the shop. So i rang off of there shop phone asking to cancel it. He gave me all the talk about lowering the price & offering better handsets but i had my mind set on the iphone which i later purchased that night. The fella on the other end of the line said if you want to keep your number you have to pay a charge for a PAK. I wanted to keep my number but thought sod it im not paying. I told him to leave it as i didnt want to pay.

A year goes by (now apr 2010) & i go into my bank & they tell me what direct debits i have. o2 thats fine, Phone insurance thats fine & T-mobile. T-mobile have still been charging me £35 a month for the year 09-10 when i was with o2. They hadnt closed my account. I rang T-mobile and told the guy on the phone what had happened and he cancelled it there & then a year late & said there was a note on my account saying someone should have cancelled the accounts a year ago but it hasnt been done. I asked him about a refund & he gave me another number as he couldnt do it. This other number goes through to an indian helpline where they are saying to me i rang up not to cancel my contract but to request this PAK. I told them over & over again i was cancelling the contract as i got a new one out that night with o2. She dont believe me. Do i give in as im getting no where or how else can i argue my case & prove i went into the shop to cancel.

Maybe i should have checked my bank statements & cancelled the t-mobile direct debit but its there thought as it should have been cancelled there end.
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