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Need Holiday Help (SouthWest France)

Hello Eveyone,

Just wonderd if anyone could recommend anywhere in the southwest region of france, There will be 4 of us going, 2 50+ , and me and a friend 20 & 21 (My mum has renal problems so we cannot fly longer distance flights at the moment) Idealy we are looking for somewhere that has Abit of entertainment (Eg Karaoke bars parents love them) Coupple of night clubs etc, somewhere with a nice beach, and within 30/40 km of the airport,

Never been to france before, and only have chosen to go there as its within 1/1.15 hour flight time from london,

Thanks in advance



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    Biarritz is nice, but maybe a bit expensive. Well worth a visit for a day if you're in the area. My only other experience of SW France is further inland, places like Pau, Toulouse and Carcassone. Of those, I'd cautiously recommend Pau - seemed a nice city, but I wasn't there long, and it's close enough to the sea. Loved it when I went, but I think I was outside tourist season. The further inland you go, the more unbearable the heat will be and the more likely that there'll be heavy thundery showers all the way through your holiday, or at least that was my experience. The Basque Country is great - now I want to go back again.

    Anyone I know who's been to the Spanish side of Basque Land has loved it. So that's an option if you go far enough south.
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    Ok nice,

    I was recently looking at a place called Biscrrosse, near Bordeaux anyone know anything about this place?
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    Bordeaux is OK - very multicultural, but plenty of nightlife, including a few 'English Pubs'.

    The football ground is a bit of a corrugated concrete roof monstrosity but worth a visit.

    The vineyards are an awesome sight and well worth a visit (St Emillion mmmmm), a long with some fine cognac tours in, er... Cognac.
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    La Rochcelle, and surrounding area.
    Very good seafood and is in the congac region. Also its not as far dow as Biarritz, which is as IA say very nice.
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