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Cluj Napoca, Romania

Anyone here been there? It is a suggested destination for an annual early December 4 day beer drinking week-end in Eastern Europe. Done Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Talinn, Riga, Wroclaw. Trying to get an idea how it compares to these places. Trip Adviser not been a great help so far.


  • Eastern european birds... loads of beer....... no brainer.....
  • Was also thinking of going there. Let me know what you find out. ;0)
  • I used to work with a bird from cluj. Nice arse.
  • [cite]Posted By: stop shouting[/cite]I used to work with a bird from cluj. Nice arse.

    Well that's clinched it. Red in SE8 is already booing his ticket ;0)
  • I spend alot of time in Romania...they don't really do drinking so I would say it would be disappointing. Cluj is ok though..Romania is a crazed place; a country of extremes - the good, bad and the down right ugly
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: ShootersHillGuru[/cite]Hi kafka,
    Thanks for your reply. When you say Cluj is ok what exactly do you mean. Nice old town ? Enough. To see and do ? Any views very welcome.[/quote]

    It's a typical Romanian town...bit of the old; bit of communist hangover; bit of the new. If your going to Romania as a tourist; Bucharest is worth 24 hours; Sibiu is stunning and the Danube is worth travelling time. The people really embrace everything Western and are upset by their bad international reputation. I have a love/hate relationship with the country but get 50% of my business from there.
  • I'm heading to Bucharest next Friday for a mates stag do, would appreciate tips on places to go (both watering holes and sights to see)
  • Sounds like clunge.
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