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Sherlock Holmes

Thought the new Sherlock Holmes . was the best new series on tv this year....... great twist on a classic theme, the acting was very good.... You probably love it or hate it......


  • Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Thought I would hate it but i really enjoyed that :-)
  • loved it. Great writing, Wonderful watson, due homage to the original and my favorite charecter Mycroft.
  • Good stuff. It's when you see things like that you appreciate the BBC. Sky or ITV just would not or could not come up with something like that.
  • Brilliant !! Can't wait for the next episode.
  • edited July 2010
    I did love Sherlock despite Hubby picking holes in it for the first ten minutes!!!
    It felt very 'Dr Who' like, so much so, i think he would have made a good Doctor. 
    Mind you, as soon as they entered the restaurant & he said, 'who would have the opportunity & go unoticed', I shouted 'Taxi!' & sure enough as if they were trying to spell it out, one went by in the background.
    Did Sherlock spot it? Nah!!!!! He's two bob!!!! ;-)
  • I have always been a SH fan and was very dubious of this modernisation of the character. However I complement the new prog for the way they have brought the characters and stories into the 21st century - great entertainment!
  • loved it.
  • enjoyed it and like KBLS thought the guy who played Sherlock could have been a good Dr Who. Dr Watson saved it.
  • Tuned away after about 10 minutes, then read in a review this morning that the new Dr Who script writer was co-writer of Holmes screenplay, which explains why Sherlock sounded so much like Matt Smith. Neither me nor Mrs Solar are fans of the new Dr Who (nor of the new Sherlock!)
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  • Best Sherlock tribute since "House".
  • enjoyed it. Love watching Martin Freeman.
  • Martin Freeman was very good. Dr Watson once played rugby for Blackheath BTW.

    In the 2010 TV series Watson is invalided home after being wounded in Afghanistan.

    In the 1880s novel Watson is invalided home after being wounded in Afghanistan.

    How times change.
  • Due to reasons of nostalgia and traditionalism i could not bring myself to watch this and probably never will.
    Sherlock holmes has always been about a certain time and place for me.
  • Always a fan of the Holmes stories, and really enjoyed the new take on it. I have the intelligence (sort of) to be able to look at a remake or a new way of telling a favourite story as a new entity, and not get bogged down with previous incarnations of much loved characters. I think you do too carly, so don't cut off your nose to spite your face - watch it without prejudice and you might find you enjoy it.

    I think all that soul music has addled Solar's brain - listen to bit of ass kickin' rockabilly C, and then enjoy the glory of Smith & Cumberpatch...;-)
  • I quite enjoyed it, but the storyline was weak and it did look like Dr Who becomes a detective.
  • [cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite] the storyline was weak

    Best you complain to Arthur Conan Doyle then BFR... LOL
  • I watched it on Sky+ last night and thought it was thoroughly entertaining.
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