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Military signed prints,help with valuations?

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I Have 3 signed military prints and would like to know the best way to sell them, the prints are framed and ready to hang, 2 of the prints are by Robert Taylor and 1 is by David Shepherd. Anyone know a rough selling valuation for these items.

Robert taylor print
The k.m. bismarck - signed by Baron Von Mullenheim Rechburg.
Hms hood - first edition print signed by survivor lieutenant Ted Briggs.

David shepherd - the ark turning into wind 325/850 signed by shepherd and two others with pencil drawing of small wessex helicopter bottom left near hall mark.

Should i take to an auction house or sell online,any advice greatly appreciated.


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    I'd go to an auction house. Get them in a specialist sale.
    Taylor prints can go for a good amount of cash. I think Ted Briggs died this year, so should be worth a little more now too!
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    Regarding the Ark Royal print, below is DS's OS wth quotes for prices, that should give you an indication:
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    Sold a signed print of the Bismarck for £170:
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    There are thousands of military memorabilia websites about including auction sites...

    You just got to get up early one morning and do your research...

    The German print ought to attract to greater attention as there are many thousands of 'Nazi memorabilia' collectors out there...

    I've sold thousands of WWII propaganda posters and the German posters always sell the most....
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