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Sorry, can't replace your windscreen, it's raining.

Anyone else had problems with windscreen replacement? Back from holiday on Tuesday complete with massive crack through driver vision zone right across to passenger side. Wanted to get to Valley for scrubber duties, but had to wait for windscreen replacement. AA guy turned up yesterday with wrong windscreen. Found that someone else had been given ours so a swap was arranged. By the time he got back from the windscreen exchange, he said he couldn't replace it as it was raining. Said ours was safe to drive as it was!!!!! A few ballistic moments later, our car was taken to a helpful industural site under cover. Vans used to come with their own cover provided but the new AA vans are apparently too low. Why isn't anything straightforward any more? Collecting our car in an hour. Does anyone know if there is still work to be done at the Valley?
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