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Man Vs Food

Has anyone else been watching this series

Adam Richmond is my new hero

he just ate a burger that contains four of the hottest chillis known to man including the ghost chilli without drinking milk alongside it

if ever you wanted to know why americans are fat please watch this guy on Uk food from 9pm every night

brilliant TV


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    Love it. Some of the stuff he eats looks and sounds amazing. Apart from the size of it of course! Some of his challenges make me feel sick though, like the milkshake one.
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    Man is a legend.

    Definitely got fatter since the last series (no real surprise).

    The milkshake one was horrible
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    Bloke is a legend. The suicide wings where they wore gas masks were unreal but I so wanna give it a go
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    i agree he has def put on weight but the guy just ate 5lbsof cheese steak so i reckon he will be fooking huge in series 3
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    reckon a few lifers who were in the lib yesterday must be on the same diet : - )
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    Cracking programme. Just watched him eat a 75 ounce Steak with jacket and Salad . It looked like half a cow. He struggled with the Burger though didn't he!
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    Cheers for drawing my attention to this, just watched a few clips on youtube and it looks brilliant
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    what channel? sky number? time?
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    edited August 2010
    New series starts Monday Night on Good Food. Sky Channel 249 - 9pm
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    he just had him and 39 dudes attempt to eat the worlds biggest hamburger 190lbs

    holy shit the thing was the size of a lorry wheel
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