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Inernet useage

How many people in the UK access the internet regularly ?

What percentage of UK households have internet access ?

I could have googled this, but thought it may be a decent topic of discussion, as perhaps some people assume everyone uses it.

For instance my wife hasn't got a clue and has no interest. A Saints fan comment prompted this thought.


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    it's estimated that about 72% of households have access to the internet (that’s gone up by about 20% over the last 4 years) this is in partly due to people now being able to access it by other means than a computer, e.g. iphones and other mobiles that can web browse. it's also due to companies that offer free internet access with TV and/or landline packages.
    however i reckon that the stats for how many people access the internet regularly is probably a lot less. i know plenty of people who are connected but very rarely go online.
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    I didnt think it was only 72%, quite low considering.
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    How many people go on Charlton Life all day when they should be working .... :D
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    So I wonder what percentage of Charlton fans use the Charlton sites regularly - and what percentage of fans haven't got a scooby about many Charlton matters.

    I know if I speak to most fans, they seem to know far less Charlton "info" than me.
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    I would imagine quite a few fans do not come onto internet sites, like this or the official site.

    All very well for the Goverment to claim that it wants everyone to have access to broadband and do everything on line, like tax and benefits, but there are a few fundementals first.....
    security, cost, common application access, and access to a computer, that they can use. Seem's like an aspiration to me, it assumes that people want to, and are able to use these things, in the same way that
    everyone can drive!. Some choose not too, or are unable to.

    I choose not to be an internet designer, simply because that is my perogative in the same way that I choose not to use metric.

    The internet is an extremely useful tool, and a great way to communicate, but not the only way..........
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    [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]How many people go on Charlton Life all day when they should be working .... :D

    sorry boss, bat to work for me :o(
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    Internet penetration - 82.5 per cent of UK population

    says ....

    Internet Usage World Stats - scroll down for European and UK stats

    Internet World StatisticsInternet penetration
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    how long have we got to wait before Dave Mehmet replies regarding 'internet penetration'...........
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    and we have 130% mobile phone penetration in the country, so in theory everyone should be able to get online
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