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Madness in the fast lane.


Did anyone see this last night? Probably the most shocking thing I've ever seen on TV.

So many questions and so few answers.


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    Yes I did, Dreadful stuff, and as the father of twins even more so........

    I am upset but not entirely surprissed by the 2 conditions mentioned, there is a 'bond' beetween twins, not sure that 'genectics' have quite resolved that one yet!

    Strange seeing that they use twins as a research tool.
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    Thought it was fascinating and shocking in equal measure - the scariest thing is that she is due to be released next year.
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    Yeah - I watched it in morbid fascination. Almost like (if you'll pardon the expression) watching a traffic accident unfold - it feels wrong, but you have to look.

    The two conditions mentioned are very controversial - folie a feud in particular is a very sparsely recorded, and highly debated diagnosis.

    Compelling viewing.
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    Bugger - I thought this post was about a forthcoming tour from the Nutty Boys :(
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    it was all just so bizarre. don't think it really answered anything
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    There's so much we still don't understand about the human mind, and judging by the way the woman was able to get up and tested negative for drugs, the human body. Fasinating stuff and I'll chuck in the old cliché, well worth the licence fee.
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    How strange is that,, i have seen the affects of someone who had a bad trip and it was very similar things is it can re ocur this women will offend again nailed on

    should have chucked her in the loony bin and thrown away the key same with her sister fooking cukoo
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    Yes the legal arguments served no one....... as quick as the condition could dissolve it could also 'reignite' again dormante for years. I would have thought that these two should at the least be closely monitored, individually. The American sister if you believe the theory had a control through 'dualled formed insanity': paranoia (fear of her organs being stolen) essentially she was as her defence claimed temporarily mad\insane. When you add the legal systems Alice in wonderland 'legal logic' . She was no longer insane as it was a 'temporary condition' justice was the casualty here. You would have thought that society needed to be protected here above the individual rights of the murderer.I would have thought that an insistance that if they did not comply with internment they were judged 'insane' could have been pursued! . The result was mad, bad, and sad....... for all concerned.
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    Saw the original footage last year.

    Shocking stuff.
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    Can someone give a brief resume of what the programme was about please.

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    It was unreal how they just got up after being flattened. She dented the car roof FFS !
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    Very strange the whole thing. Total loons if you ask me.
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    A taped it as I was at Shrewsbury on tues night & watched it last you say, morbid curiosity !!

    Can't believe they released the un-injured one the next day also at her trial didn't (couldn't ?) call her sister as a witness

    More to it than meets the eye I'd say - something else going on there........
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    i remember seeing the footage back in 2008 and thinking how crazy it was then, but that was only half the story!

    she puts footballers to shame though. they receive a little kick and roll around on the floor, writhing in agony. she gets hit by two cars, doing about, what 60mph? and she still up and running around, trying to fight off the old bill.
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