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What's for dinner?

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Just watching come dine with me on channel 4 on this lazy Saturday and thought i'd ask the question, what's for dinner?

We getting a takeaway from the local Indian:

1x Chicken Tikka Biriyani
1x Chicken Madras
2x Pillau Rice
1x Peshwari Naan
2x Onion Bhaji
1x Bombay Potatoes

washed down with a few cans of export, some cheap wine and a dodgy copy of Toy Story 3. This is living.


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    Probably a curry now you've got me in the mood for one! Made from home though, probably a Dal with chickpeas added in. Also TS3 is actually a really good film (if you like TS1 and 2 obv)!
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    Today I had some tomato soup which was delicious, then I had a waffle sandwich which was properly nice too. Dunno what i'll have later, probably a sausage barmy!
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    chicken legs stuffed with sausage meat, wrapped in bacon
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    Ham and Pineapple Pizza
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    McDonalds :
    large BigMac meal with coke
    crunchie McFlurry
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    Vegetable enchiladas with rice,refrieds,guacamole, sour cream and salad.
    Followed by Chocolate & beetroot cake with mascarpone and raspberry coulis.

    All home made....Yummy!
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