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Sad news for Little Feat fans

Drummer and co-founder Richie Hayward passed away on Thursday in Vancouver due to pneumonia-related complications after being diagnosed with liver cancer last year. He was 64.
Remember seeing them at The Rainbow in 1977 with the Tower of Power horn section backing them..... absolutely stupendous, but sadly never quite the same after the great Lowell George (the original fat man in the bathtub) passed away.
RIP Richie


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    Never saw them live. Played the Valley first time around I think.

    Great band. Sad news.
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    1976, the second gig.

    Saw this news in The Bangkok Post.

    One of those bands I quite liked but never never quite enough to buy any of their albums.
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    They certainly played the Valley, teriffic band, teriffic muscians too....sad loss, check out some more stuff, youtube Rock and Roll Doctor on youtube OLD GREY for example....they're good.
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