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My eldest just got his, passed all, various grades, going 6th form next year and he wants to be the first member of my family to go to university, very pleased!!! Proud Dad!!!

*Sticks chest out!


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    Snap just had the call very pleased
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    i'm very pleased with my results! :D
    1A*, 7As and 5Bs! :)
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    They were much harder in my day........ ;-)

    Well done to all. My eldest will get his results this time next year.
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    [cite]Posted By: JakeCAFC_94[/cite]i'm very pleased with my results! :D
    1A*, 7As and 5Bs! :)
    13?! Bloody hell, in my day we only did 8 (or 9 if you were one of the keen ones that did CDT instead of PE). Well done Jake.
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    Sorry, what's an IGCSE'?
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    Congratulations to all.
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    13 subjects......people thought they were clever when they got 6 'O' levels in the late 60's.....

    When I was at school, 2 classes left at 15..... without any exam qualifications, and worked at places like Woolwich market, joined the Army, joined the local factory etc......

    The remaining 4 classes I would say only half got more than 3 GCE's at pass level grade 'C'

    And the rest got no more than 5, and worked in a bank/insurance/ civil service.

    A handful got more than 6, and only a few got 'B' or 2 pupils 'A' ..... Now we were a poor school, I was lucky and did my A levels and got into Art college, and did a post graduate teaching certificate. So good luck to the people who have done so well, you must have worked hard to attain these results, I know I did with my humble results, and thought I was lucky to attain them......
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    What a lovely thread...congratulations to you all, you are the future after all.
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    My boy got all his today, so now he will proceed to 6th form.
    Really proud of him, he has now got more "o" levels than me.
    I shall buy him a cider tonight.
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