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Help Please

I got married in April, would my Tax code automatically change? Who should I inform?

Can anyone advise if I would be entitled to pay less tax/get reimbursed, or would anything change in my wages whatsoever?

Any Help appreciated



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    Funnily enough you tell HMRC - aka the taxman.
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    [quote][cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite]Funnily enough you tell HMRC - aka the taxman.[/quote]

    Thanks for reply that was the one real point I had half a clue on, just didnt know if there is a 'local' tax office or if I HAVE to sit on the phone for 25 minutes.

    Any info on the other points?? Will I pay more/owe them Pay less/they owe me??
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    There aren't any tax cuts, rises or refunds. You just keep giving them a chunk of your wages each month.

    The only time it would probably make any difference is if either you or the new wife are on benefits.
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