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Direct PC TV

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Hi All, has anyone had experience of downloading Direct PC TV?

I go to Spain quite regularly and want to watch TV on my laptop while I'm there, is this site any good?

Or has anyone any other suggestions?



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    Google MyP2P. Had to get rid of Sky and have not organised freeview yet. As far as sport is concerned it's ok provided you have decent bandwidth. I have been watching sky coverage of the cricket but with annoying Pakistani advert breaks in between and also Soccer Saturday is ok. I like my bit of Jeff Stelling on a Saturday ! No experience of Direct PC TV though. Let me know if it is a goer.
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    Try googling "slingbox".
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    Justin tv.......

    blinding, use it over here all the time for Sky Sports news, and soccer AM, MOTd etc...
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    edited September 2010 for sport. it streams live, uses some of the same streams as but has others too.
    for normal tv try, has almost everything including films.
    always ask the students.
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    Theres a million and one sites better for streaming than JustinTV, I'd stay away from it if I was you.

    For sports myp2p is good, is a lot better, however some of the links/feeds are a little more complicated to use.

    For anything that doesnt need to be watched live, you'd probably be better off downloading it from some sort of sharing community (I use along with a MU/RS account, it's not free, but well worth while imo. Can find almost anything I want and most films can be found in either a 300mb(ish) .mkv format, right up to full bluray.

    Streaming is good but can soon become a pain if your internet starts to go a little slow, or your bandwidth is throttled at peak times, whereas a downloaded file can be watched over and over without the ne.... buffering 8%....ed fo....buffering 15%...r it to.....buffering 30%.... load up.
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    Same as soapy jones, i use myp2p. Not only the matches that sky are showing but most prem matches on a sat afternoon are avaiable via malaysia or somewhere similar. Murdoch won't get his pound of flesh at my table. :-)
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