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Radio 1

Did anyone just hear what was on Radio 1??


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    no spill.
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    They just played "Wham - Last Xmas" - absolute joke!
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    [cite]Posted By: I-SAW-POUSO-PLAY[/cite]They just played "Wham - Last Xmas" - absolute joke!

    Wow, those wacky guys on radio 1. really pushing the boundaries
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    it was a joke surely?
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    Most probably...but still its September!
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    I hate Radio 1 apart from Live lounge and then you just wait for the albums

    Chris Moyles i just want to smash the head off
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    Well if the shops are flogging there Christmas stuff in August, as featured in the Sun.....
    ( it must be true) I suppose it is 'countdown' for a lot of people......

    Of course it is riduculous!, and ruins both the idea and spirit of a festive period, let alone any religious connections ( perish the thought,) but with the nations obsession with shopping, perhaps they should start in April!.

    When I was at the bbc, I suggested that they should close Radio 1, to preserve 6 music, as other independent organisations cater for this market, but the 'bed wetters' at the BBC, moaned about national radio coverage and connecting to a young audience!
    (My sons never listen to it, far too uncool!)

    I am far too old too listen to Radio 1, and was never a fan of this 'pop' station, ( It is aimed primarily at the 15–29 age group).

    So in short, you are probably too old, do not get the ' ironic joke' or should listen to capital/virgin.
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