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Attn: canadian addicks

Off to toronto in december. Can I have a few tips please. Good restaurants, hotels (preferably starwood group as I have my points with them), distance from airport etc.


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    Westin Harbour Castle is great location for getting to central Toronto

    Recommend you go watch the Raptors play basketball

    Also google a cabbie called Mr Geography and get him to pick you up. He's a geography genius and asks you a geography question - if you get it right your ride is free! I used him several times - nice bloke

    Really nice bar called ki or qi - good munch in there

    Restaurant at top of cn tower reasonable prices and awesome views

    Wrap up - never been as cold as I was in Toronto in a January.
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    Well swisdom, looks like you've planned my trip for me. Thanks mate.
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    If you get a chance hire a car and go to niagara falls for a day - well worth the drive
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    I'm here now for the film festival. Bay area is full of nice restaurants and good looking women .... Will try and explore more this week and report back!
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    I lived their for 2+ years. On College St. there's a sushi restaurant called Sushi Island, which I remember as the best sushi I've ever had. $15 all you can eat too!
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    Kensington Market, near Chinatown is worth a look.
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    I'm there in a few weekends time, going to drive down to Pittsburgh to see Teenage Fanclub - am often in TO. maybe 4 or 5 times a year, but its always work related so don't know too much about the city will probably be bitterly cold in December unlike any cold you will ever have experienced in the UK!!
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