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Worst Drink You've Ever Made Because You Neeeded a Drink BUT...

What's the most rubbish drink you've ever made because you didn't have all the doings but you had to have a drink after a cruddy week at work?

MINE? Drinking it now. Dark rum with cherry pop.

There was a bottle of rum and a bottle of cherry pop. Need I say more?

Oh all right. I mixed them out of desperation. Bloody awful. Really. Not going to tip it down the sink though. Life's too short and I want to make mine even shorter. Up the ADDICKS!

BTW - the ADDICKS better play better tomorrow than last Saturday at Exeter. I was there and it was SHOCKING!


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    has to be perno and strawberry cordial

    absolutely jank

    drunk 5 of them before throwing up like a bairn
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    We used to drink caffreys with an alcholic tropical drink in it, neck half the caffreys then top up with the bottle of alcopop, looked like mud, tasted awful and we would be munted in 20 mins, our pub in orpington wouldn't serve them to us after a couple of weeks, due to my mate flooding the toilets with vomit and another mate setting fire to his coat by lighting his fag on there log fire... those were the days.
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    One quick one, 5 years ago one night in from pub still wanting more all I had was a bottle of absynthe a mate had brought back from prague for me... that will do. Woke up in the garden in my boxers, I had buried my jeans, wallet,watch and mobile in the garden next to where I was laying, my mate poped over and played the 15 minute voice mail I left him about the pumpkin elfs and how they wanted to rob me... jesus, no wonder the mrs split up with me I'm a nutter.
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    Gotta watch out for that wormwood.

    The latest thinking is that it's probably not the thujone content of the wormwood that makes you go nuts (as there is insufficient in modern absinthe recipes), it's just the good old alcohol!

    However, maybe that Czech stuff had a bit extra!

    Our friends and us love pina colada, but on holiday recently we were too lazy to buy the ingredients separately, and bought some pre-mix stuff to add the rum too.

    It was effin awful!
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    Mate of mine had milk and white spirit
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    We used to drink Southern comfort and babycham as a chaser on birthday drinks -one of my mates on his birthday thought he would go one further and add barley wine to the mix - he drank 5 and was in a cab home at 9PM
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    Not me, but the old man...

    on his 18th birthday him n mates got a pintglass and went round all the optics
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    mate of mine in the pub used to drink Malibu and Milk
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    tried to make an old fashioned after having a real shit day/night of work, but had no bourbon only had shit whisky left (bells - urgh)

    Needles to say it werent great

    I also used to stock a bottle of PPY or PPZ cant remember (short hand for a long polish name) in my booze collection (basically its Polish rectified spirirt, 96% alcohol thats 192% proof), it should under no circumstances be drunk neat and is used to make your own vodka/liquir/spirits by watering it down basically, however being a student we tended to drink shots neat, 3/4 shots and it would literally be game over, if you didnt puke your guts out first.

    Oh to be a student again!! How I still have vision is beyond be
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    Malibu an milk is nice...
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    [quote][cite]Posted By: UP...THE...ADDICKS[/cite]Not me, but the old man...

    on his 18th birthday him n mates got a pintglass and went round all the optics[/quote]

    I did that once and my dad had to kick the bathroom door off its hinges as i was drowning in my own sick. He could see me through the window. Dont even remember half of the evening.
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