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Marcus Bent swap deal

edited January 2007 in Rumours
Apparently with a bloke from St Etienne called Frederic Piquionne. Don't know if he's any good but i do remember a few weeks back hearing that Lyon were after him.
What made me laugh was this quote. Bit of a let down for them.
The players agent Karim Djaziri told "People think that Darren Bent could come to St Etienne, but in fact, we are talking about an exchange with Marcus Bent."


  • You must be joking, St Etienne could not come anywhere near paying Bent what he is on at Charlton so he would have no intention of going there for a start.
  • It's true apparently but the bloke has his heart set on going to Lyon. I only posted it as the bit about Darren Bent amused me.
    And you're right, there's no way M. Bent would go there even if they could afford his wages.
  • A French Lyons supporting friend said is very good young player, but theyve already put in a bid for him so guess he'll be off to play in the CL not the Fizzy Pop then! ;-)
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