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Charlton road closures on 26/09

Been told that Charlton Village is closed next Sunday from 7am for about 5 hours for some kind of race/fun run, anyone know anything about this and exactly the route and what roads are closed, only ask as I will be needing to pick someone up about 9am and want to know how far away I'm going to have to park and walk !!

I presume there must be a website about it but I can't find anything by google'ing various things.


Edit....I meant the 26th (Sunday) before anyone get's worried that it's Saturday !'s early


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    top man, feel free to sink now.
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    whereabouts picking up? should be okay just parking near shooters hill and walking through Marlborough or one of the cut through roads to get through as its the village ad charlton road and then the lower road.
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    picking up at Fletching Rd, just behind the Village, looks like I might be o.k by Canberra Road and wander through the park
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    edited September 2010
    Top of my road. Yes Canberra will be your best bet but those side roads might be carnage. You would be better as far back as Shooters hill but depends on who youre collecting and far they want to walk!

    Saying that at 9am it should be fairly oka only later when traffic builds up. Hopefully they cancel the car boot fair at the wotsit called club up there which they hav most sundays.
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    she's 3 and she won't want to walk far...;o)
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