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"Gonna be big" bands playing in New Cross saturday

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The Sporadic night I'm involved in putting on is back on Saturday night at the new cross inn.

We have two bands playing , a band called "the ruse" who are attracting a lot of interest and the first london appearance by "the captive hearts"

Then myself and a couple of others will be djing until 2am .

Only £3 in which for a couple of really good bands and some good music aint too bad at all.


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    Quality, always wanted to see Brandon Block DJ live ;-)
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    Gorgeous bird behind the jump in there.
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    I quite fancy this.

    Might see you on saturday Buckshee!
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    Just wanted to bump this up before this evening. Should be a good night and if it's successful then we've got more bands lined up for the future
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    Really wanted to come tonight but am so skint have to be sensible but have a good one...
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