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Up and Running.......We are going up.

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The team that finished the game last night has to be the starting 11 ( when poss ) going forward. I stick by my claim that we will be promoted.
Racon - especially first 45 - was magnificent. A yard quicker than against Dagenham. Fortune bought stability to the back 4, Reid when he came on was unplayable.
This manager will have a problem with inconsistency more than anything else. Just when you think a player is coming good ( Wagstaff ) he will revert to playing poorly. Reid will do it, so will Racon and Semedo.
Parkinsons team selection was bang on, and his substitutions were as well. Benson looked a goog player at times - pity he didn't bury the header.

So let's drop the negativity and get behind this team. Parkinson has had more to contend with than any past manager. Trying to beg, borrow and steal to get a team promoted must be a nightmare. Last night we started to see some green shoots, Brentford is massive. Get behind the boys, let's make some noise.
Those of you slagging everything off ( including my predicitons ) hang your heads in shame....................


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    John Still: "Put the ball in front of Benson and he will score", eventually we did that and it was an accomplished finish, more of that please.

    I thought the massive plus point last night other than Benson scoring was the performance of Fortune. Whilst we never really looked like scoring ourselves, MK Dons certainly didnt either and Fortunes presence made up for Daillys absence. Llera is great in the air but shocking on the floor trying to defend.

    Reid was excellent when he came on and has to start Saturday, Wagstaff hasnt pushed on since Leyton Orient.

    Martin frustrates me as he is the type of player that you would want in the team but only if there is some end product to his play. His workrate is excellent and he is very good technically with reverse crossing, dropping his shoulder and running at players etc but needs to use his brain when presented with the final ball option.

    Question for me though is how is the defence going to line up when everyones fit.

    I would go for Doherty at right back, Fry/Youga at left back with Dailly and Fortune in the middle. I dont feel confident with Francis and I think Jacko needs to play further forward.
  • have to agree we are closer to our 'first 11' we need a stable core of 7 or 8 to forge a proper team, and for there to be selection headache rather than a selection mystery if you get my drift

    we could find we have strong competition for centre back (Fortune vs the other two),

    centre foward (Benson or Anyinsah, someone like Abbot needs to be on to create space for the other two )

    and for the wingers, although a fit and flying Reid seems a must. I wonder if bringing him on late when the other team start to slow down is a better tactic than starting him..
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    [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]although a fit and flying Reid seems a must. I wonder if bringing him on late when the other team start to slow down is a better tactic than starting him..

    really good point and an interesting theory

    Maybe keep Fry at left back push Jacko to the left mid and reshuffle for Reidy after an hour if neccessary
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