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Mayfair pub crawl

edited October 2010 in Not Sports Related
Apologies to anyone in the area, but am on a crawl round there today. First pint - a nice tasty Tribute - has almost gone already and none of the other fellas have even arrived yet.

Has the potential to be very messy, very messy indeed!


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    At least I tried, eh nolly.
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    Must have cost you a few quid...
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    12 hours on the slash, a "comedy" show - awful, a ruby and a sherbert home.
    Not the cheapest day/night.
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    i went out for an after work pint at 5pm and fell through the door at 4am this morning....

    Ive just had a pizza but am still feeling like Ive been pushed out of a moving car, and am considerably poorer ...
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