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Handsfree car kits

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Anyone here fit or recommend someone that could fit a handsfree kit to my car?
And no, I dont want to do it myself ; )


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    I gave up on handsfree kits . Every one I've ever had in the work van and also every bluetooth earpiece and speaker has always left me frustrated as the person on the other end says "I can barely here you" , aaaarrrggghh!

    Drives me bloody mad. The only thing I use now is the earphones with mic that come with my iphone and I now never have a complaint.
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    Cheers Saga, Paul has done a great job and is recommended.
    get yourself a Parrot mki9200. I have our entire music collect on a hardrive and plugged into the car, and it makes phone calls as well.
    Bonus ; )
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