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Game trade ins?

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Hi just found a box full of games for ps2 and xbox(non360) anyone know if I can trade these in game/gamestation?


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    You can, but most will only fetch 20p/50p/£1. However if you have uite a lot, it can still be worth it as you could get a few bob out of it
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    Cex would be a better bet if you have one nearby but generally Ps2 and Xbox 1 games don't get much unless you have a few rarities. Gamestation would give you even less and you can forget Game (who sadly have turned Gamestation into a mere offshoot since their takeover). Good luck mate.
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    Depends which games they are, some rarer games can fetch a nice sum on ebay
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    You can check out prices online at CEX.
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    I know CEX would be better than playing games but the Mrs is out ;o)

    I only query Game/Gamestation as you get points (and points mean prizes)

    Really want the new Fallout
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    Donate them to your local hospital,they aint worth much but could give some kid stuck in there hours of fun.
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    This is a good idea!
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    I just gave loads to one. They still use the old xbox and playstations for the kids in there.
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