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The Boat That Rocked

Top Film.
The commentary is superb.............


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    Watched it a while ago, agree top film.
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    thats weird watched it last night for the first time in ages. really good film.
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    I am doctor dave

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    Brilliant film. When Thick Kevin is Jesus in 20 questions is total gold!
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    Great film, not too far from the truth I am reliably informed.
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    edited October 2010
    That is weird, as I'm listening to Caroline right now.I explained it all to the wife (who being Czech, was somewhat perplexed to learnt that the British Government were jamming signals just as the old Communists jammed the BBC).

    I'll have to check out the commentary

    I was wondering who else listened to the pirate ships in later years...RNI and Caroline in its later incarnation as a great album station. Its hard to define Caroline's particular mix of rock, but it is like no other station, and takes me back, every time. Thanks to the pirates I developed a taste for Dutch rock bands. They played Earth and Fire earlier tonight. And Golden Earring are a band I listen to all the time. They're still rattling around the Netherlands playing live, not bad for aband which started six months before the Beatles' Hamburg gig. I would love to see them live one more time before we all pop our clogs.

    If anyone else has pirate ship memories, I'd love to hear them. I really enjoyed the Black Prince thread a while back and its all part of the same 'istory for me.
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    [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]Great film, not too far from the truth I am reliably informed.

    Agreed, great film, but several of the DJs said that it was not accurate in many respects.

    I liked Golden Earring too - Radar Love was in my band's set list for years, but you need a good drummer! The album that came from (Moontan) is one of my all-time favorites.
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